Your Personal Think Tank

Remember the first time you heard the saying:

"Find what you're passionate about and build a career around it."  

It's been my experience that over and over I am called upon by businesses, friends and associates, all who have a need. What is that need? You tell me. 

I generally find myself taking on challenges that YOU just don't have the passion for or the time for. I'm best described as someone that would much rather order 5 appetizers than one entree and because of that I have a bit of talent in many different areas. I am so passionate about coming through for those that need me. I love a challenge and I love giving my opinion! They sure do come easily for me.

Some of the things that I have been hired to do (just to give you an idea) are:

Increase business presence through social media, digital advertising and making sure all important business links are utilized properly.

Liaison between business- owner and staff working on resolutions for a happier and more productive work- force.

Idea person to make your business more unique.

Personal shopping for wardrobe and home goods. 

Event planning and fundraising. 

Improving business or personal image.

Insured and licensed to be a trusted resource to be 'there' when you can't be.

Attend events or meetings and represent you or your brand in the best light possible.

Advocate. Adviser. Another set of ears.

My objective is to get you to understand I will always be truthful and I will always give you what I feel the best advice is. What I need from you is to trust me, take nothing personally and be as open as you can be. Together... we'll rock this!

Everyone needs a friend and an advocate in their corner.

I'm that chick.

Thank you for taking the time,

Erica Melone